How to choose the perfect makeup for a red dress?


Don't know how to do your makeup for an important event? Find out what makeup will go best with a red dress to get the wow effect.

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How to choose the perfect makeup for a red dress?

What makeup goes with a red dress? We choose the perfect make-up

The color red symbolizes strength and love. When choosing an outfit in this color, you should select the remaining elements of the outfit appropriately so that they create a coherent whole. What makeup will suit a red dress? Is it better to choose expressive or delicate makeup? Will red lipstick go well with a red dress? How to paint your eyes to emphasize your beauty? We advise you in the article.

Makeup for a red dress – Start from here

You won't choose the right dress and makeup if you don't determine your skin type. Red is an extremely demanding color and it is easy to choose the wrong shade, which instead of emphasizing the charms will only overwhelm us. Therefore, knowing what your skin tone is is half the success on the path to perfect makeup and choosing a dress. The division is extremely simple:

Warm complexion – characterized by various shades of warm tones, such as yellow, gold, peach or olive. Warm-skinned people usually have naturally warm skin tones, which can be easily visible especially in areas of the face such as the cheeks and forehead. People with this complexion often look better in makeup with warm tones, such as browns, oranges, yellows, warm beiges and olive green.

Cool-skinned – Cool-skinned people have natural skin tones that lean toward blue, pink, or purple. People with cool skin usually look better in makeup with cool tones. Examples of colors worth considering when choosing an outfit are blue, pink, purple, silver, gray and cool greens. It is worth avoiding warm shades such as orange, brown or yellow.

It should be emphasized that these are only tips that can help emphasize a given beauty. However, it is important to experiment and look for colors that will make us feel best.

What lips to choose for a red outfit?

There is no clear answer to this question. But one thing is certain. Before you start painting your lips, they must be properly prepared. To do this, perform a gentle peeling and then moisturize your lips with balm. If your lips are ready, choose one of the suggestions that will be a good choice for evening make-up:

Red lips

We often wonder if red lips and a red dress are a good combination? We answer – definitely yes! Nothing will highlight the red of a dress like a properly selected lipstick in the same color.

  1. The basic thing will be to find lipstick and lip liner in a color similar to the party dress. To do this, you can bring a photo to the store and ask an experienced saleswoman to help you choose the perfect shade. It is important that the color resonates appropriately with your skin type and hair color.
  2. The perfect setting for red lips is smooth and moisturized skin. Therefore, you can choose a highly covering foundation that will cover any imperfections.
  3. Harmony above all. To do this, pay special attention to the material of your outfit. If it is shiny, a matte lipstick or one with a velvet finish will be better suited. If the dress is matte, you can choose a shiny one.


When we look at the red carpet, we can often meet the biggest stars in red outfits. How do they emphasize their lips? Surprisingly, celebrities very often choose nude lips. It is a harmonious complement to a distinctive styling.

  1. Women with a warm skin tone should choose nude lipsticks with a more coral shade, while people with a cool complexion may feel better in a coffee beige shade.
  2. With this lipstick color, the skin should be moisturized and illuminated, so the highlighter will be your ally. Spread it on the cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupid's bow and above the eyebrows.
  3. If you have delicate lips, you can go crazy with eye makeup. Draw a bold black line with eyeliner on the upper eyelid - remember to extend it beyond the outer corner of the eye to extend the lower lash line.

Glossy lips

The eye-catching gloss will be perfect for a less formal red styling. By using lip gloss, your lips will be shiny and lusciously moisturized.

  1. For such lips, it is worth applying mascara and using delicate eye shadow. Additionally, illuminate the inner corner of the eye, which will make it optically larger.
  2. Wet lips in natural colorthey are the perfect excuse to go for a wet look. For this purpose, your skin needs strong hydration so that the products spread well on the skin. The key role will be played by the illuminating base and cream highlighter, as well as bronzer and moisturizing foundation. By mixing the products properly, we can achieve beautifully shiny skin.

What eye makeup to wear with a red dress?

Smoky eyes

It will be a great choice as evening makeup for a red dress. If you are going to an important company dinner or gala, strong eye makeup will be advisable. Combined with red lips, you will make a sensation.

Classic always in fashion

Subtle and girly. Just in time for a wedding. Delicate makeup for a red wedding dress will be the perfect solution. Choose flesh-colored shadows and beautifully drawn lines in the shape of a cat's eye. Your eyes will look amazing.

Foxy eyes

Fox eyes are a trend that arrived in 2022 and still dominates styling. The makeup beautifully lengthens the eye, opens the look and optically lifts the outer corners of the eyes. What distinguishes it from a regular eyeliner is the ability to extend the makeup beyond the inner corner of the eye, which only deepens the fox eye effect.

Perfect makeup for a red dress - what counts is what you love

The above suggestions are only inspirations that can help you find an idea for a unique make-up suitable for sukienki in red. Remember that you know best what you feel good in and what suits you. If you still haven't found your dream red dress, check out fashionable dresses on Lou's website. A wide selection, quality of workmanship and attention to detail make thousands of women love our creations. Find a unique model and allow yourself to become the best version of yourself.

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