Formal dresses are perfect for more formal occasions. They allow you to create an elegant styling and at the same time emphasize femininity. Most often, they come in subdued colors, so they are suitable for company meetings and similar occasions. In our online store you will find mini formal dresses, midi and maxi. They allow you to match your beauty and accessories. They are perfect for women who value elegance. Check out what fashionable formal dressesare included in our assortment. These are amazing models that work well on many occasions, depending on your needs.

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What characterizes formal dresses?

Formal dresses typically have a rather simple cut and are designed with occasions in mind where a higher degree of elegance is required. They are suitable for work, especially if you are employed in representative positions. They are minimalist and more covered than outfits often worn for dates or weddings. They also do not have very visible decorations. They meet the tastes of people who want to present themselves neatly, yet femininely. Most are kept in subdued, universal colors, but in our assortment, you will also find products in a slightly more daring version. This allows you to choose the right variant for your own preferences and the requirements of the specific occasion.

A wide selection of formal dresses

In our online store, you will find both short formal dresses and much longer ones. However, the cut is not the only difference between the available products. Their color also matters. If you are a fan of universal solutions, you will undoubtedly like models in black, grey, navy, or beige. They allow for matching with any accessories and wearing regardless of the circumstances. A very interesting choice is also a dress in shades of powder pink. It looks extremely feminine, and at the same time, it can be worn both at work and for social gatherings. Black formal dresses are also popularly chosen. They constitute the most universal solution, suitable for every woman, regardless of her age and beauty.

Elegant formal dresses from our assortment are also available in several sizes, most often from XS to XL. However, there are also models even smaller, designed with very petite, short, and slim women in mind. Each creation is appropriately described, so you can find a specimen adjusted to the dimensions of your body without any problems. In case of doubts, we provide advice and inform about the exact parameters of the available products.

High quality of formal dresses

The formal dresses we offer have been created using materials of certain origin. They provide wearing comfort, and at the same time, look great even in situations when you often wash such clothing. They are therefore a great choice not only for big outings but also for everyday use, especially if you work in an important position and need to look elegant on a daily basis. During their creation, we take care of the smallest details. These are therefore products carefully designed and then made in such a way as to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Many of them will therefore prove themselves during important events, such as weddings.

Our maxi, midi, and mini formal dresses guarantee high quality of workmanship and a beautiful appearance. Interesting cuts meet the tastes of women who want to feel incredible, while also prioritizing wearing comfort. It's an excellent choice for many users, regardless of their age and beauty. We make sure that you can find in our assortment models that meet your expectations.


A formal dress should be properly fitted to the silhouette. When choosing a model for yourself, it's important to guide not only by the size indicated on the tag but above all by the measurements – you can find them on the page of each product. Then you can be sure that your dream dress will fit perfectly.

A formal dress can have different lengths. The most popular solution are models with lengths before and behind the knee – they are not only elegant but also comfortable. More and more women, when choosing a formal dress, opt for creations in the maxi version – it's an excellent model, especially for more formal occasions.

A formal outfit is not just an elegant dress, but above all, properly selected accessories to it. Both mini and maxi versions go great with high-heeled sandals, for example in gold or silver color. A safe choice will also be classic pumps, especially black or in a nude shade.

Finding the ideal women's formal dress is quite a challenge. A wide selection of models in various designs, colors, and patterns can be found in the offer of the Polish clothing brand Lou. Our suggestions are models inspired by the latest trends.