Are you getting ready for a semi-formal meeting and you don't know what to wear? Gowns perfect for weddings and other galas or not-to-official casual dresses probably won’t be suitable in this case. However, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution! We design beautiful cocktail dresses, excellently suited for different types of semi-formal events. On our offer you will find a wide range of various versions - from classic knee-length dresses to maxi models. Check and see which one suits you best and perfectly reflects your character!

A cocktail dress - what is it?

Although the term “cocktail” seems commonly known, it turns out to be not so comprehensible for everyone. A cocktail dress is simply a semi-chic model which is perfectly suitable for family celebrations, holidays, going to a theatre, restaurant or on a date. We are well aware of the fact that even in such semi-formal situations you want to look your best, this is why Lou has created a collection of phenomenal cocktail dresses. You can pick from dozens of models in a variety of colors and in different styles - skin tight or flared. Although we opt for classic colors such as red, black or nude, we are also not afraid of fashionable animal prints or glitter!

Lou dresses perfect for every occasion!

Due to the characteristic cut, our elegant cocktail dresses are versatile, thus you can make use of them on many already mentioned occasions. You can enjoy the selection of matching accessories and choose something unusual. We love to surprise, that’s why in our designs we put great emphasis on sophisticated ornaments. On our offer you will find cocktail dresses complemented by frills, guipure or lace. Choose the one that will make you feel feminine!
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Fitted and Flared Cocktail Dresses, What Are They Like?

The commonly known term may not be so understandable for everyone. What does a cocktail dress look like? It is simply a semi-formal outfit, very suitable for family celebrations, holidays, outings to the theater, restaurants, or on a date. We are well aware that even in such informal situations, you want to look exceptional, so we have created a collection of stunning models, among which are both looser and fitted cocktail dresses. You can choose from dozens of models with different cuts and in various colors. We opt for classic colors like red, black, nude, but we also do not shy away from fashionable animal prints or glitter.

Exclusive Cocktail Dresses for Various Occasions with LOU!

Due to the characteristic cut, elegant evening cocktail dresses are a versatile outfit. Therefore, you can use them for many of the occasions mentioned earlier. You can play with choosing the right accessories and opt for something unconventional. We like to surprise, so in our designs, we include delicate embellishments. Thus, you will find fashionable cocktail dresses with ruffles, guipure, or lace inserts at our store. Decide for yourself in which of them you will feel most feminine.

Weddings, baptisms, or communions are occasions that require guests to wear elegant and subdued attire. In this role, evening cocktail dresses - mini (short), midi, or maxi will perfectly fit. At Lou's store, you will find many cocktail dresses created with the most demanding young women in mind, who want to look perfect and feel comfortable at the same time. You can choose from models in many different styles, colors, and patterns. Check out what we have prepared for you!

Elegant Evening Cocktail Dresses in Many Feminine Styles

At Lou's store, you will find exclusive cocktail gowns in many fashionable styles and sizes that perfectly emphasize feminine shapes. Models with a knee-length or mid-length, such as the velvety Fabrice with a jewelry accent or the lacy Lynn with off-the-shoulder and gently flared skirt, are very popular. The latter is especially great if you want to hide too wide hips and emphasize a narrow waist. The Elena model with a tulle bottom is also worth choosing.

For bold women who like to shine, we recommend cocktail dresses maxi (long) - models like Moira with a classic cut, which are perfect for dinner in an elegant restaurant, at banquets and balls, such as New Year's Eve or prom. Among classic cocktail dresses, there are also models with a length above the knee - next to the immortal "little black dress", you will also find dresses surprising with lots of ruffles, lace, or glitter.

Cocktail Dress in the Perfect Style, Color, and Pattern

Due to their characteristic cut, cocktail dresses are universal outfits. Therefore, you can use them for many of the previously mentioned occasions. Then you can play with choosing the right accessories and opt for something unconventional. We like to surprise, so in our designs, we also include delicate embellishments.

Are you looking for a cocktail dress - red, purple, or gold? Or maybe you are a fan of more traditional solutions and opt for muted colors? Here, you will find both elegant black cocktail dresses and models in other colors - from pastels, through beiges, to shades of blue. Hits are also pink cocktail dresses, especially those in a floral print version and white cocktail dresses, which will look best in summer stylings.

How to Choose a Cocktail Dress for Your Figure?

Finding the perfect cocktail dress can be a real problem for many women. How to choose a style that emphasizes the assets of the figure and at the same time hides minor imperfections? It's simple! Just follow a few simple rules. One of them says that if you want to mask wide hips, opt for a cocktail dress with a flared bottom. Is your problem a protruding belly? Choose a model with a corset top or with a raised waist.

Many women want to use a cocktail dress to optically slim the figure and elongate the legs. How to do it? Choose dresses with slits and a V-shaped neckline. A slimmer silhouette will also be guaranteed by a maxi-length dress. Color also matters - remember that clothes in darker colors optically "slim down", while those in light colors attract attention, including to elements you wish to hide.

Original Cocktail Dresses and More?

A properly chosen cocktail dress is that piece of wardrobe that is definitely worth having in your closet. It is also worth reaching for fashionable and feminine dresses in slightly different circumstances, also on a daily basis. If you are looking for an evening dress or a casual model, you could not have come to a better place! In the Lou online store, you will find fashionable dresses for all possible occasions - each of them will surprise you with the highest quality of workmanship and attention to the smallest details.

In Lou's offer, you will also find tracksuits, pajamas, skirts, and stylish accessories. We warmly encourage you to follow the new arrivals section.

A cocktail dress is a model that combines the features of an evening gown and an elegant day dress. It is perfect for various occasions, like a business meeting or a romantic dinner for two. Cocktail dresses from the Lou brand come in different styles, lengths, and colors. They can be flared, more fitted, or asymmetrical. It's the ideal solution for semi-formal meetings.

Cocktail dresses from the Polish brand Lou will be the dream outfit for informal meetings that do not require a formal dress. They are perfect whenever you need to dress a bit more elegantly than usual, yet not completely formally. They are suitable for dates, an evening at the theater, or your mother's birthday.

Cocktail dresses, like other types of dresses available in the Lou online store, can have various lengths. However, cocktail dresses most often reach to the knees or slightly below. If a cocktail dress is long, it is best if it is made of a matte fabric, with a modest finish. Such an outfit should not be too provocative or reveal too much.

Cocktail dresses differ from evening dresses mainly in the time of day they are worn. The first type is intended more for daytime, during informal meetings, while the second model is most often used in the evening, for official occasions. Another difference is the length of the outfits. Cocktail dresses usually reach to the knees and are modest, while evening gowns are long and more glamorous.

A cocktail dress requires special framing. This includes all kinds of accessories in the form of a purse or jewelry, but shoes play an equally important role. Cocktail dresses are worn to informal meetings taking place during the day, so the footwear should not be too ornate. Color-matched heels or pumps of a classic shape with rounded or pointed toes will suffice.