Do you fancy airy light and comfortable outfits? On our offer you can find boho dresses loved by all LOUgirls. Now it is your turn to get them! Possibilities are endless. Choose models decorated with stylish tassels, prints and lace that will express your unique personality. On our offer you can find midi, maxi and mini dresses. Trendy boho dresses are ideal for weddings, parties and romantic dates. See our wide range of colors, cuts and prints. Complement the look with bold accessories that will emphasize the uniqueness of your outfit. Go for wreaths or boots and enjoy your sophisticated look.

Stylish boho dresses - the upcoming hit of 2020

Do you daydream about sunny days, beaches and water? Bring back your memories and check out our boho dresses. Fans of this style appreciate it for its lightness, airiness and exceptional look. These dresses are perfect for everyday outings and special events! On our offer you can find models decorated with guipure or embroidery as well as corset dresses. Check out our maxi airy dresses with classy slits that are perfect for weddings and days on the beach. Every woman will feel extremely subtly and feminine wearing them. One dress suitable for many occasions? Why not!

Stylish boho dresses for every LOUgirl!

Do you appreciate fancy style and individuality? Want to stand out from the crowd? Choose our boho dresses and express your personality! Go for white models if you want to accentuate your beautiful summer tan. Complement the look with a denim jacket and heeled boots. Such an outfit will definitely make you look like a million dollars! Lace dresses are very girlish, moreover, their style is so rich that you won’t need any extra accessories. Boho dresses have been in fashion for several seasons now so you should definitely get one of them to enrich your wardrobe!

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Elegant Boho Dress for Summer

Sunny days, beach, water - is that what you dream about? Bring back memories and discover our boho-style dresses. Fans of this style appreciate them for their lightness, airiness, and unique look. They are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions! In our offer, you will find corset models, as well as those with guipure or embroidery. Have you seen the long boho maxi dresses with slits? Every woman will look girlish and delicate in them. These models are perfect for the beach and also for a wedding!

Stylish Boho Dresses for Every LouGirl!

Do you value individuality and good style? Like to be the center of attention? Opt for our boho dresses and express your character. If you want to highlight your summer tan, choose white dress models. Combine them with a denim jacket and heeled booties. Such styling is tailor-made for a star! Lace is very girlish.


Boho is most commonly associated with white, especially off-white, with a delicate touch of beige. Such creations look perfect in combination with suede booties adorned with fringes and a hat - this is the perfect festival ensemble. However, at Lou, we have prepared more color variants of creations for boho style fans. Pay attention to pink dresses with floral prints, loose sleeves, and decorative ruffles. Such a creation is an excellent solution for a date and a garden party. A dress in solid black can also look interesting! Pair it not with brown, but beige booties or create a fashionable styling with only black elements, choose not only dark shoes but also a black hat. Blue dresses beautifully match with accessories made of classic denim or brown leather. They emphasize the delicate beauty of blondes, light browns, and brunettes. In shades of pink, it's the best proposal for a date. The outfit complemented by delicate jewelry, a belt, and a hat will highlight your distinctive style and add confidence. Grey boho-style dresses offer tremendous freedom. Timeless, cool grey looks great combined with sea blue, juicy green, sunny yellow, and romantic pink. You can also opt for airy mini, midi, or maxi in shades of beige and ecru. They will present well on women with both light and darker complexions. Subtly illuminate your look and work in every situation.


You can pair all these creations with booties, a hat, and add a fringed bag. But is that the only solution? Definitely not! Everyday styles in red, beige, white, or other colors will also look great paired with sneakers. If you want to emphasize the tan, opt for white footwear. Such a combination is perfect for everyday wear on hot days when you plan to walk a lot, so uncomfortable flip-flops will not be the best choice. You can also pair a green, orange, or grey dress with espadrilles - very comfortable shoes that are particularly suitable for hot days. You can also decide to add a chunky, very long sweater matched in color.


Dresses available in our store are sewn in Poland, using the highest quality materials. Thus, you can be confident about the meticulousness of their making and care for even the smallest details of finishing. Quality fabrics not only emphasize the stunning cut. They also offer you unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement, even during the longest parties. You will surely dance through many nights! If you want to feel like a movie star on the red carpet, opt for fanciful details.

Off-the-shoulder Dress

An elegant outfit inspired by traditional Spanish folk costumes. The off-the-shoulder dress has a characteristic ruffle at the bottom, adding charm and lightness. It is made of light and airy material, often decorated with colorful embroidery or lace. Spanish dresses are usually long, knee-length, or styled asymmetrically. They often have V-neck or square necklines. Spanish dresses are often worn on special occasions such as weddings, banquets, or festivals. They are a symbol of elegance and femininity, and wearing them gives a sense of luxury and chic. Spanish dresses are popular not only in Spain but also worldwide for their uniqueness and style.


Finding the right boho-style dresses can be incredibly satisfying. It's a unique type of clothing that's perfect for summer. Boho dresses are known for their airiness and characteristic style. If you're still unsure how to choose boho dresses for the upcoming summer of 2023, we have some tips for you.

The first step to finding the perfect boho dresses is to find the right stores that offer such clothes. It's worth looking in the boho dresses category to quickly find interesting models. You can also visit, where you will find a wide selection of boho dresses in various styles and patterns.

The choice between boho maxi dresses and boho midi dresses depends on your preferences and the occasion you're dressing for. Boho maxi dresses are long and airy, perfect for cooler summer days. Meanwhile, boho midi dresses are a bit shorter and more versatile. You can wear them for both everyday and special occasions.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, pay attention to boho dresses that stand out with special details and patterns. Trendy boho dresses for summer 2023 are primarily floral dresses, with ruffles and lace. These elements will add a romantic character to your outfit and make you look fashionable.

Summer boho dresses are an incredibly comfortable and stylish choice for warm days. You can wear them in many different ways, adjusting them to the occasion and your taste. Here are some tips on how to match a summer boho-style dress.

When invited to a wedding, it's worth opting for an elegant boho dress. Choose a long boho maxi dress in floral patterns that will emphasize your femininity. Match it with a pair of suede booties and a boho-style purse. A delicate jacket or leather jacket can complete the outfit, adding a bit of nonchalance.

Boho dresses are also an excellent choice for a romantic date. Choose a boho dress in a delicate floral pattern with a ruffle. Complete the outfit with flat sandals and add suitable accessories – for example, trendy boho-style earrings. Such a look will surely attract your partner's attention.

If you're heading to the beach, opt for boho dresses in a loose style. You can choose an airy maxi dress with ruffles and a floral pattern. Such an outfit will be perfect for beach walks and relaxing on a lounger. Don't forget about suitable headwear and sunglasses – accessories that will complete your beach look.

Boho dresses with floral patterns are incredibly romantic and feminine. If you want to create an outfit in this mood, we have some tips for you.

Boho dresses with ruffles are very girlish and romantic. To wear such a dress, just put it on and adjust it to your figure. You can wear it for both everyday and special occasions. It looks great paired with wedge sandals and delicate jewelry.

Boho maxi dresses are very popular and fashionable. You can wear them in many different ways, depending on the occasion. For everyday, you can pair a boho maxi dress with flat sandals and a woven bag. For special occasions, you can choose elegant high heels and boho-style accessories.

Boho dresses with lace are very elegant and romantic. You can wear them on many occasions – from a date to an evening out. Pair the dress with lace with high-heeled shoes and delicate accessories. Such a set will look really impressive and feminine.

Loose and beach boho dresses are perfect for warm summer days. You can wear them both on the beach and everyday. Here are some tips on how to wear loose and beach boho dresses.

If you're looking for boho dresses for summer 2023, it's worth checking out, where you'll find a wide selection of such clothes. Our offer includes boho dresses in various styles, patterns, and colors. You will surely find something perfect for yourself.

To flare boho dresses, opt for models with ruffles or a flared bottom. Such dresses will add airiness and a sense of lightness to your look.

They are characterized by a boho style, loose fit, summer look, floral patterns, and romantic details.

When choosing, pay attention to a loose fit, floral patterns, ruffles, and lace. It's also important to match it to your style and taste.

For a wedding, opt for a maxi style with delicate ruffles and romantic details.

Yes, they are perfect outfits for the beach. Loose cuts, delicate ruffles, and light material make them ideal for wearing by the water and for beach walks.

Yes, they work perfectly in casual styles. They can be paired with a boho bag and jacket to create a trendy and unique look.

They are characterized by delicate floral patterns, adding a romantic and girlish character. They are also perfect for summer days and evening outings.

You can choose various accessories, such as a boho bag, suede jacket, necklace with gold details, or shoes that match the outfit. It all depends on our preferences and style.

The latest trends in boho include midi and maxi dresses adorned with floral patterns, as well as fringes and ruffles. Ethnic boho dresses are also trendy, and suede booties make a perfect addition to such styling.

The most popular boho styles are off-the-shoulder maxi dresses, as well as those with a loose, ruffled fit. They also feature a flared cut and romantic details.

It's worth opting for an elegant yet loose fit. It's also important to match the color and pattern to the rest of the outfit.