How to stop the dress from rolling up?


Find out what to do to stop your dress from riding up. Learn proven ways to make your dress ride up and have fun without any obstacles.

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How to stop the dress from rolling up?

What to do to prevent the dress from rolling up? – Proven ways to make your dress lift up

Did you try on the dress in the store and everything was OK? Or maybe you ordered a dress online so you weren't aware that your dress might ride up? Is this a reason to return it to the store? Not necessarily. Find out what to do so that your dress doesn't ride up and you can dance all night long.

My dress rides up – Choosing the right size is essential

You can often come across women who, when buying tight pencil dresses, find that the dresses roll up. Can this be prevented? First, you need to make sure that the dress is the right size. The fabric can often curl when the dress is too tight. Therefore, it is crucial that even when choosing tight dresses, pay attention to their proper fit to the figure. Too tight material will additionally emphasize shortcomings around the hips and waist. If it turns out that you actually chose a size that is too small, you should return the outfit and exchange it for a larger size. It is very possible that the problem will solve itself.

You should also not overdo it in the other direction. If the outfit is too loose, there is also a risk that it will roll up.

How to prevent an electrified dress from riding up?

Electrified fabric is also a common cause of clothing rolling up. What can you do to keep your dress in place? Try treating it and the tights with an electrostatic fluid. These products are available in a spray form, so you just need to spray them on your clothes, or in the form of a washing liquid. The substance prevents static electricity in both natural and synthetic fibers. Additionally, you can use the product for many other activities, so it won't go to waste. With it, you can clean animal hair from clothes or clean the housing of electronic equipment so that dust does not stick to it.

An economical version of a special liquid may be to immerse the outfit together with the tights in water with dishwashing liquid. However, you need to be extremely careful with this method. Choose a colorless detergent so as not to discolor the material.

Some people also recommend spraying the tights or the bottom of the dress with hairspray. If you don't mind the outfit, you can do it, but it may damage the dress.

Useful accessories to help keep your dress in place

If your dress rides up, you can try using the following accessories:


Formal dresses that reach the knee or beyond cannot be worn with a petticoat . This is a unique element of the outfit that makes the clothes fit well on the body, and you don't have to worry about exposing your underwear. Even though we may associate a silk slip with grandma's wardrobe, it is still worth using them if we want the clothes not to fit too tightly to the body, wrinkle or change position. When choosing a petticoat, pay attention to the antistatic finish. Manufacturers often forget about this, and it is a key element in order for the slip to help us with the dress riding up.


There are double-sided tapes available on the market that allow you to literally "stick" the dress to your body. This way, the fabric will stay in place even while having fun on the dance floor. However, you should be careful. If your outfit is made of an extremely delicate material, it is better not to use this method as it may damage the dress.

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