Which bra to choose for a dress? Find the right bra


Are you getting ready for an important event? Is your dress backless, bare-shouldered or with thin straps? Find out what bra will suit you.

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Which bra to choose for a dress? Find the right bra

What bra to choose for a dress? Good practices when choosing a bra for an evening dress

Are you going to a special party, but your dress is backless, with a deep neckline, strapless or one-shoulder? Which bra is suitable for such styles, so that it perfectly supports the bust and does not protrude beyond the outfit? In this article we are looking for the perfect bras for dresses that may seem problematic.

What bra to choose for a strappy dress?

Thin straps on dresses are often a problem in the form of "I don't know what bra to wear." We mostly wear strappy bras every day, so it's hard not to panic when we run out of familiar and safe straps. If you have an upcoming celebration and plan to wear a dress with thin straps, check out our bra proposal that no one will notice. ;)

Bra with silicone straps – This is an option for women who want the bra cups to have solid support that they can rely on forever. Such a bra will be noticeable, but not to the same extent as intensely colored belts. In fact, someone will have to look closely to spot the camouflaged stripes. This way, your bust will be perfectly supported and you won't have to give up your favorite bra shape.

What bra to wear with a one-shoulder dress?

A dress that only covers one shoulder is more of a challenge. In this case, a bra with silicone straps will not work, because the entire arm will be exposed and will attract attention, which will make it much easier to unmask your bra. A one-shoulder dress will go perfectly with a self-supporting bra or balconette. The first one is a unique model that, as the name suggests, "wears itself". It has neither straps nor a belt surrounding the body. However, there is a silicone self-adhesive layer on the inside of the underwear, and the cups are connected with adjustable strings. Their additional advantage is that they nicely shape and optically enlarge the bust, and in a tight dress they will not be visible from the back. However, it is worth paying attention to the adhesion of the cups, because it may come off, which will cause discomfort and frequent visits to the toilet to "attach" the bra.

A balconette bra is a strapless bra or with removable straps. Its cut has a tape around the circumference and a fastening. This makes it stay on the bust more stably. You're probably wondering why you need a bra with straps when you need to hide them? Balconette shorts allow you to unfasten the straps and reattach them as you like. This means that you can attach one of the straps diagonally so that it goes under the dress. This way you will hide them.

What bra to wear with a dress with a deep neckline?

What to do when the neckline of our dress reaches almost to the navel? Is it possible to choose a bra that would cope with this type of cut? We recommend choosing a plunge bra for dresses with a deep V-neckline. It is a bra with a lowered bridge. This means that it covers the breasts, but its connection is in a non-standard place, below the sternum, which allows it to be worn with a decorative neckline. However, it is worth considering what we care about - if we only want to cover the nipples, we can completely give up the bra and only put on flesh-colored breast nipples to support the breasts.

Off-shoulder dresses – which bra will work best?

Strapless outfits are quite a challenge. The shoulders are completely exposed, so there are no straps. If you have a smaller bust, it is worth buying a self-supporting model. It will shape and be practically invisible. Larger women can choose a balconette hat. Due to the extremely stable bottom, it will support what you need and ensure comfort during the event.

Open back? This is no longer a problem!

Backless dresses are the perfect opportunity to go crazy with your bra. We can choose from many variants for this occasion. Underwear with decorative straps crossed on the back works particularly well. This way, you will make the piece of clothing not only support for your bust, but also an elegant accessory. If you don't feel that straps should complement your style, choose a discreet, self-supporting option. You can also consider a nude or beige belt around your body, but you still have to take into account that it will be visible. An alternative may be a bra whose clasp crosses below the neckline and wraps virtually

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