Once you've chosen that perfect outfit, the next step is to find the right shoes to match. High heels, or heels for dresses, are an obvious choice, but when it's hot outside, it's worth considering a less conventional option - sandals. Which footwear will complement evening dresses well, and which goes with cocktail dresses? We present versatile shoes for dresses that will work with any outfit!

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How to choose shoes for a dress for elegant celebrations?

When choosing dress shoes for elegant events, it is worth paying attention to the different types of footwear that will be suitable for such occasions. Classic high heels are always a good choice when we want to create an elegant and sophisticated style. They will work well both with long dresses and short creations. High heels optically lengthen the legs and add feminine charm.

However, not only high heels can be appropriate for elegant celebrations. If you prefer more comfortable solutions, you can choose low-heeled shoes. They have become very popular in recent years and you can find many elegant models that match dresses perfectly. Low-heeled shoes are equally stylish and will add elegance to your outfit.

What shoes to wear with a long boho or linen dress?

When choosing shoes for a long boho or linen dress, it is worth paying attention to their characteristic loose cut and natural materials. Such dresses often have airy cuts and are made of light fabrics, so it is important to choose the right shoes that will harmonize with their style.

One of the best choices are sandals. They can be either flat sandals with a flat sole or wedge sandals. Both types go perfectly with long boho or linen dresses, adding lightness and freedom to them. If you prefer a more minimalist style, you can choose flat sandals in subdued colors. However, if you want to add a bit of elegance to your styling, it is worth choosing wedge sandals that optically slim your legs.

Another interesting choice are ankle boots or boots. Long boho or linen dresses can be perfectly complemented with ankle boots or flat boots. This combination adds a touch of rock character to the styling and makes the entire outfit expressive. Ankle boots or boots can be made of natural leather or suede, which makes them even more authentic.

Here are some shoe suggestions for a long boho or linen dress:

What shoes to wear with tracksuit and sports dresses?

Sweatshirts and sports dresses are an increasingly popular fashion trend that allows you to create comfortable and stylish styles. When choosing shoes for this type of dress, it is worth paying attention to several factors, such as the type of dress, occasion and individual preferences.

One of the most popular types of sports shoes for tracksuit dresses are sneakers. These are classic footwear that go perfectly with casual dresses. The sneakers are comfortable and at the same time add originality and freshness to the whole look. You can choose from many different models and colors to match your style.

Another interesting choice is sneakers. These are more sporty footwear that go perfectly with tracksuit dresses with a more dynamic character. Sneakers add energy and a youthful character to the styling. They can be worn with both short and long dresses, creating a variety of styles.

If you prefer more elegant solutions, it is worth choosing wedge shoes. This footwear visually slims the figure and adds elegance to the whole look. Wedge shoes go well with both sweatpants and sports dresses, creating interesting contrasts.

Here are some examples of styling with sports shoes and tracksuit dresses:

  • Pastel color sweatshirt dress + contrasting color sneakers
  • Sports dress with a print + sneakers in a subdued color
  • Maxi sweatshirt dress + wedge shoes for added elegance

What shoes for shorter dresses?

When choosing shoes for shorter dresses, it is worth paying attention to their length and characteristics. Shorter dresses give us more freedom in choosing footwear and allow us to experiment with different styles. Here are some tips on choosing the right shoes for shorter dresses.

One of the most popular choices are high heels. Short dresses go perfectly with high heels, which optically lengthen the legs and add feminine charm. You can choose classic high heels or models with interesting details, such as bows or sequins. High heels will add elegance and chic to your style.

Another interesting solution are high-heeled sandals. These are perfect footwear for summer days and evenings out. Sandals will add lightness and subtlety to your styling, while emphasizing feminine beauty. You can choose models decorated with stones or lace inserts that will add a unique character to your outfit.

To create a harmonious styling with short dresses, it is worth matching the shoes to their character and the occasion you are going to. Remember that the key to successful styling is to create contrasts and experiment with different styles. Here are some shoe suggestions for shorter dresses:

  • Retro style mini dress + high heels with bows
  • Cocktail dress + high heel sandals
  • A-line dress + ballerina flats in pastel colors

Remember that these are only suggestions - you can adapt the shoes to your individual style and preferences. Experiment, have fun with fashion and create your own unique styles!